With ca. 185 000 km of coastline, Europe's enclosed and marginal seas have played a key role in shaping the economic and cultural geography of adjoining nations over many centuries, and can provide a vital contribution to the EU 2020 objectives of a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
The Marine Geoportal EMIS relies on biological and physical variables generated from both hydrodynamic models and satellite remote sensing.
A number of these variables and advanced products are available as raster datasets to the scientific and environmental managerial community through various tools (GIS Viewer, EMIS-R, Marine Analyst, Maps) which enable the user to conduct regional assessments.
Marine geoDatabases
Scientific tools
A simple and user-friendly mapping tool.
A R package to extract and to analyse the data of the Marine database.
An assessment tool for the Marine Protected Areas.
Data discovery
Data access
Policy Support
Research Activities