Like WMS, the WCS allows you to choose portions of a given dataset based on spatial constraints and allows the data to be processed rather just portrayed which is useful for client-side rendering and input into scientific models (see: EMIS-R & Marine Analyst tool).
Accessing the EMIS WCS
The EMIS WCS is accessible in 2 dataset resolutions (4km or 2km) for several sensors at the Pan-European scale. Enter one of the following addresses into your WCS client:
Pan-European scale
Global scale
EMIS service requests
The EMIS WCS supports the GetCapabilities, GetCoverage operations as defined in the OGC WCS standard (version 1.0.0).
The GetCapabilities request produces the information about the layers contained in the service in the form of a descriptive XML document.

Example of a request addressed to the EMIS service:
Using the information given in the GetCapabilities request, the GetCoverage operation returns a Geotiff image containing the requested layer selected from all the available layers as defined in the XML document.

The following is an example of a GetCoverage request that returns an image of the Sea Surface Temperature of the Black Sea from the MODIS-TERRA satellite (4km resolution) in June 2012:
From the GIS viewer, it is possible to perform a GetCoverage request for the displayed dataset and selected R.O.I.