The MCC consists of a number of interlinked components. Where appropriate, information can be also classified in a different sub-structure, for example by Descriptors or Descriptor groups.

Policy documents repository
The MSFD operates within an adaptive policy framework with a 6-year review cycle. The MCC acts as a single entry point to past and current policy-review activities, including the ongoing review and possible revision of Commission Decision 2010/477/EU on criteria and methodological standards on good environmental status of marine waters. The policy documents repository will provide access to all official MSFD policy texts generated under the CIS process.
Scientific and technical documents repository

The scientific and technical documents repository includes:

  • Commission-endorsed technical guidance and support documents created under the MSFD CIS (e.g. the technical guidance on monitoring under the MSFD, and the review of methodological standards related to MSFD criteria for GES, both of which are coordinated by the JRC).
  • Pertinent documents from other related legislative frameworks, in an effort to highlight relevant cross-policy relationships and promote harmonised approaches (e.g. WFD, REACH, etc.).
  • An up-to-date glossary, based on agreed nomenclature and common understanding of MSFD key terms within the MSFD CIS.
Knowledge brokerage
The MCC provides a link between science and policy by bridging marine scientific community expertise and the MSFD implementation strategy. In close collaboration with DG R&I, the MCC extracts MSFD-relevant knowledge from past and ongoing projects and channels this into the MSFD implementation and adaptation process.

It also provides the following tools and functionalities:

  • Links to tools and information relevant for MSFD implementation (e.g. EMIS, EASIN, EMODNET, WISE-Marine, Atlas of the Seas, etc.);
  • Links to resources that document the pan-European context of GES and address harmonisation issues;
  • MSFD-related news and events, and the MSFD newsletter;
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) and responses;
  • Communication/dissemination tools (blog, forum);
  • An "Events & Meetings" calendar which provides information on all upcoming events relevant to the MSFD implementation.