EU Member States have reported under Article 17 of the MSFD for updating Articles 8, 9 and 10 of the Directive, for the last 6-year reporting cycle (2012-2018). The JRC has reviewed, from a technical and scientific perspective, the EU MS reports in order to evaluate the consistency and comparability among MS and marine regions, highlighting gaps and limitations in current assessments, identifying items that need further work and providing recommendations for improvement in the next MSFD reporting cycle. The JRC's technical report series 'Marine Strategy Framework Directive - Review and analysis of EU Member States' 2018 reports', analyses, from a technical point of view, the MSFD reports submitted by EU Member States pursuant to MSFD Article 17. The analysis includes GES Assessment (Article 8), determination of Good Environmental Status (Article 9) and Targets setting (Article 10). The outcome provides information for the further development of the policy implementation, supported by the EU Member States through established MSFD Technical Groups and Expert Networks. The resulting 11 JRC review reports (D1 provides one report on Biodiversity and one on the Pelagic Habitat, Descriptors 8 Contaminants + 9 Contaminants in Seafood are combined,) are intended to support the further technical development as well provide insight on the need of harmonisation and reporting gaps within the MSFD CIS.