The chronological order of this pages goes from the most recent event related to the MSFD implementation to the beginning of the process further below.
Preparing the 2nd cycle of the MSFD D2 implementation
The 2018 reporting on updates of MSFD Articles 8, 9 and 10 will be supported by web forms to aid completion of the XML files by Member States. For Descriptor 2 assessments, there is a need to align the rules for setting the NIS baseline on which the D2C1 will be based on. WG GES, JRC and the Member States are working to populate and agree on the NIS baselines.
Results from the review of COM DEC 2010/477/EU
These documents encompass the lessons learnt and the scientific progress in marine science and in the policy implementation, following the assessment and evaluation of the initial assessment and reporting of the EU Member States.
Review of Commission Decision 2010/477/EU
This report is the result of a scientific and technical review of Commission Decision 2010/477/EU in relation to Descriptor 2. The review has been carried out by the EC JRC together with experts nominated by EU Member States, and has considered contributions from the GES Working Group in accordance with the roadmap set out in the MSFD implementation strategy.
In-depth assessment
List of key issues derived from the in-depth assessment for D2.