MSFD Expert Network on Contaminants:
The MCC provides a link between science and policy by bridging marine scientific community expertise and the MSFD implementation strategy. A dedicated expert network on Contaminants operates in partnership to deliver scientific and technical support for the MSFD implementation of Descriptor 9.
At international level, the FAO, supported by the expertise of the World Health Organization (WHO), provides a suitable forum aiming at eliminating the causes of food insecurity, including those due to intake of contaminants.
FP7 Projects related to D8:
A number of publications are available for D9 implementation, including the following:
Maggi et al. (2014). Environmental Quality of Italian Marine Water by Means of Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) Descriptor 9. PLoS ONE 9(9): e108463.
Gago et al. (2014). The link between Descriptors 8 and 9 of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive: lessons learnt in Spain, Environmental Science and Pollution Research, Volume 21, Issue 23 , Pages 13664-13671.