D10 Relevant FP7 projects:
Other Projects:
MARELITT will assess existing marine litter removal projects in Europe's four regional seas from the organisational, economic and environmental angles.
The main objectives of the MARLISCO project is to increase the awareness of the consequences of societal behaviour in relation to waste production and management on marine socio-ecological systems.
A new project for dereliction of fishing gear in the Adriatic Sea.
ME5209 - Using Northern fulmars as an ecological monitor of marine litter
MICRO is a project in which five scientific institutes will study the occurrence and impact of microplastics in the Interreg 2 Seas area and the Channel region.
The project intends to increase the knowledge of marine litter situation in the Baltic Sea ( Beaches) and contribute to the reduction of marine litter.
Funding Netherlands government for national monitoring and international coordination + DEFRA funding UK, 201-2012