The urgent need for scientific knowledge on the occurrence, pathways, sources and effects of marine litter has led to significant research efforts in the past years that are ongoing. The elevated scientific interest and policy need for information resulted in the funding of several marine litter research projects, or projects having a component of marine litter research. In order to provide an overview of past and ongoing research projects implemented within the framework of different funding schemes, such as the European Research Framework Programmes, the Joint Programming Initiatives, INTERREG, national funding etc., the MSFD TG ML has compiled a list of relevant research projects.

The list aims to raise awareness on the ongoing research work, enable synergies and facilitate the use of the related knowledge outputs produced for the work on guidance, method development, harmonisation, and policy support for the implementation of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) and other related work on marine litter. The list provides short project descriptions, the topics addressed, the project websites, contact info, and other relevant information. The list has been compiled with contributions through the TG ML by JRC in close collaboration with MIO-ECSDE.

The current list (2023) is a new updated release of the previous version, published in 2021. The new updated list includes a total of 197 projects and reflects the elevated number of marine litter research and project initiatives. It is planned that the list will continue to be updated regularly through the TG ML.