Visual Observation as a simple method to monitor fluxes of floating litter from rivers to the sea.
Quantification of floating macro litter loads through rivers to marine waters by visual observation: Setting up a Floating Litter Observation Monitoring Network across Europe and beyond.
Data will be used to:
  • Build a statistical inverse model of litter loading to the sea based on the characteristic of river catchments
  • The approach:
  • Visual observations of floating macrolitter (>2.5cm) on river water surface
  • Monitoring at river/sea boundary from an elevated position (e.g.bridges, quays, etc.)
  • Harmonized approach using the JRC Litter Monitoring Application
  • No mandatory monitoring frequency
  • Short surveys (minimum 1/2 an hour)
  • Starting summer 2016, finishing autumn 2017
  • Tablet computer Application for Visual Observation of Floating Macro Litter
    Floating Litter Observation Monitoring Network
    We invite you to join our International Observation Monitoring Network. Please, contact us to receive further information: rimmel[a]
    European Commission • Joint Research Centre 
    Directorate D – Sustainable Resources
    Unit D.02 Water and Marine Resources
    RIMMEL (RIverine and Marine floating macro litter Monitoring and Modelling of Environmental Loading).
    A JRC Exploratory Research Project bringing the first-ever international-scale attempt for quantification of loads of floating litter to the European seas and beyond.